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D4H Search and Rescue

Many of you will be receiving an email asking you to subscribe to D4H. But what is it you ask?…..Well here’s the run down from D4H Solutions:


Search & Rescue (SAR) personnel are professionally trained and qualified. Due to the all-hazard nature of the industry there are many qualifications designed to help responders deal with whatever situation or disaster might arise.

The variety of taskings makes it difficult to always be prepared for the unexpected, making training and qualification tracking a very important and equally difficult exercise.

As many SAR organizations receive grants and funding from municipalities and federal sources, there is a lot of time invested in managing purchased equipment and training, a task too complicated for a simple spreadsheet.

Teams often struggle with getting the right people on scene due to team size, area covered, outdated call-out methods and the large variety of training levels within a team.

[D4H] is available in the cloud and on-premise with access from any-device, any-time, any-where. Our dedicated customer success team make everyone feel like they have their own personal IT department.

From the start we fixate on a clients biggest problem and ensure the solution we roll out confronts the cause of the problem at its source.

Our customers draw benefit from reducing incidents, improving equipment availability, increasing personnel performance, and significantly enhancing information capture & reporting.



Track and manage every aspect of your equipment cache in a single source of truth. Manage consumable supply levels, calibrations, inspections, and repairs. Assign maintenance to personnel, outlining the costs and description of the work to be completed.


Easily manage team information, right down to the individual responder. Quickly produce team performance reports, and ensure all qualifications valid and compliant for the tasks undertaken. 


Centralized paperless reporting connects multiple response teams together to form a single organization. Track total incidents, geographic clusters, average response times, and frequency to prove the value of your response organization.


Create daily, monthly, or annual reports by bringing information into one single source of truth. Tested by over 30,000 responders, our forms have been designed to make writing and analyzing incident reports quick and most importantly, error free.


Broadcast multi-channel communications using text message, email, and voice calls. Target messages directly towards specific groups or certifications.

What’s next for Wakatipu SAR D4H?

If we can get all members subscribed to our D4H platform, this will become the center hub for all group communication. Training plans, group emails and discussions, team profiles, members are also able to set the dates on and off call dates allowing for effective call out response.

So members, get on board and register today! If you need any help then contact Candice.

Success Stories

Training and Rescue Standby

Training and Rescue Standby

[D4H] gives over 50% saving on the administrative costs of scheduling and tracking of our staff & equipment.

Search & Rescue Helicopter Services

Search & Rescue Helicopter Services

[D4H] optimized rescue data for CHC Helicopters $650m bid for Search and Rescue (SAR) Helicopter services.

Quicksand, Snow, and Flood Rescue Team

Quicksand, Snow, and Flood Rescue Team

[D4H] provided Bay Search & Rescue detailed incident analysis during the Cumbrian floods.

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